What is Donburi?
Donburi 丼 – literally means a “bowl”, often shortened to “don”, is a Japanese rice bowl dish topped with meat, seafood or vegetables in varying combinations, cooked gently together and served over rice.

At The Donburi House, our savoury stews with simmering sauce varies according to season, region, and taste. We use the best quality gluten-free rice grown in Japan. We pride on serving you the most delicious Donburi in Adelaide.

Our simple yet exciting menu is carefully crafted by Chef He, nicknamed “Lulu”. From her classic Dons, to her famed signature sauce – the Salted Egg series, you can count on us for a delightful meal at every visit. Ps: You might catch Lulu peeping through the curtains from the kitchen, secretly observing the diners savouring every bowl right until it’s last grain.

In the evenings, we turn on an Izakaya vibe. We invite you to join us in exploring some of the finest and rarest whiskeys, saké and gins that we can get our hands on. Our range of Japanese inspired cocktails, icy cold Japanese beer on tap and South Australian wines, calls for some serious enjoyment.

Okaerinasai, we say. Our home is your home.